3D Visualisations

Any topographical survey can be partially or fully rendered into a 3d flythrough and/or visualisation which can be viewed with the supplied free viewer. This is an extremely useful tool when verifying the ground profiles and comparing existing detail to as-built designs. The basic visualisations use default macros from our feature library, for detailed designs site photography can be used to define the surface features. Surveyed trees and undergrowth can be shown to scale.

3D visualisations can be draped with aerial photography to provide very realistic and impressive results.

Monument can create flightpaths and allow a 3D model and optionally a pre-defined flight path to be saved as a 3D Virtual Model.

Monument has already proved in planning meetings and public inquiries that 3D Visualisations can be one of the most effective ways to communicate a proposal when paper plans and cross-sections are not enough.